Heca I SPECTRUM I Episode 04 – Bunker

Fourth of 5 Episodes – to help you discover different faces of wakeskating and the uniqueness of the spots in Poland!
From cable, trough boatriding, to winching! Check this out, enjoy and spread with love!

Director – Grzegorz Pająk
DOP – Piotr Zgoła (visualviewproduction.com), Grzegorz Pajak
Production – FILM FICTION (film-fiction.com)
CLIENT – HECA WAKESKATES (hecaws.com, facebook.com/hecawakeskates)
CAST – Kuba Jamaj
Editor – Grzegorz Pajak
Postproduction – Grzegorz Pająk
Sound FX – Jacek “Dżeksong” Onaszkiewicz / Locomotive
Camera – Kamerra
Art Graphics – Krzysztof Zdanowski, Bart Sucharski
Music – 18+ Crow

Special thanks: Winch.pl, Mazury Przygoda Rafał Bielak (facebook.com/mazuryprzygoda), GoPro

Best wishes from HECA Wakeskates Owners: Jacek Kurowski, Agnieszka Szymaniak, Bart Sucharski, Krzysztof Zdanowski

hecaws.com, email: info@hecaws.com

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