P A J A K 16 #adventureahead

It was not a simple film project.
It took place in the mountains where we had only two days for shooting.
We collaborated with Mark Ogien who was doing the photo shoot with our film, so one can only imagine all the actors who actually had to pose at once for Mark’s pictures and take up different positions for the movie clips.

Anyone who has ever come into contact with filming equipment knows how much the cameras along with the additional accessories required for its operation such as lenses, drones and lamps all weigh.
We had to carry all this up to 1700m above sea level, taking pictures on the way.
We were suprised by the weather. We were not ready for a getting half of meter of snow in the middle of May and the weather swinging radically from -15 degrees Celsius, through rain, blizzards to heat and collapsing avalanches which were actually caught in the photos.The shooting took place before sunrise and ended late at night. The drone would not start because of the frost, the cameras and leses got all wet, refusing to cooperate. Project Great, constructive experience.

“When the mountains are your second home, you must be ready to go whenever they call you; to step into the unknown, to forge your own path, to take in the view and just feel at home.
Facing your challenges, celebrating your achievements, feeling at peace with your body and soul. Setting out to experience the unforgettable beauty.
Sharing the moment – there are no words, there are no pictures, there are no comparisons.
Just you being yourself in your second home.”

Director – Grzegorz Pająk
DOP – Igor Połaniewicz
Drone – Grzegorz Pająk
Production – FILM FICTION (film-fiction.com)
Producer – Adrian Pawłowski
Production Manager – Bartosz Kowalski
Camera Assistant / Focus Puller – Tomasz Bartosik
Client – Pajak Sport
Cast – Anna Helena Gąsiorowska, Jacek Borgosz
Editor – Iza Pająk / Editors
Postproduction – LocoMotive
Colorist – Dominik Deras
Postproduction Manager – Ania Dragun / LocoMotive
Music – Jacek “Dżeksong” Onaszkiewicz / LocoMotive
Lector – Martyna Słomińska / LocoMotive
V/O Text – Rafał Mrowiński
Camera – All4movies, Fastmedia, Kamerra, Panavision
Special thanks:
Wojciech Pająk, Przemysław Drosik, Paulina Legodzinska

Date: 2016

ClientPAJAKServicesDirector, Adv, Video, Production, Dop, Year2016Linkpajaksport.pl

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